Think Groceries,
Think Jeeb

Jeeb is the solution to the traditional way of shopping for groceries by making it simple, fun, and quick.

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Jeeb in the news

Jeeb in the news

Hi! We're Jeeb! The easiest grocery delivery app to hit Qatar.

Created with safety in mind during the height of the pandemic, Jeeb's priorities evolved and now includes fast, easy, and hassle-free shopping. With a team of experts behind the app, Jeeb has made the grocery shopping experience much more accessible and interactive to anyone.

Jeeb will make sure that you can stock up on everything you need for the day, the week, or the whole month.

And you won't even have to leave your house for it.

  • Strategic logistical management
  • Elementary app technology


100% Biodegradable with Jeeb

With grocery shopping getting easier online, it has been a massive increase in the use of plastic. People tap and order and get all their kitchen essentials at their doorsteps, packed in plastic boxes and bags. Meanwhile, Jeeb aims to deliver groceries in a way best for both customers and the environment. In the era of ever-increasing carbon emissions, Jeeb is one of the very first delivery apps to go carbon-neutral using 100% biodegradable packaging.

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Top 5 Ready to Cook Items on Jeeb

Have a busy day but still want to eat a good and tasty meal? Don’t worry! Jeeb has a nice collection of ready-to-cook items that you can cook in minutes, serve in seconds, and enjoy their delicious taste. Out of the many ready-to-cook items available on Jeeb, we have prepared a list of five for you: pasta, noodles, cakes, custard, and soup.

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What really differentiates Jeeb

Ordering groceries online has now become a trend. The introduction of the grocery delivery model keeps customers in a safe zone. Online grocery delivery is not a new approach; it has been growing in every corner of the world. It is easier, safer, and faster, so most families enjoy using instant grocery delivery apps. Jeeb, the best grocery delivery app, is known for its easy and quick delivery.

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